Urvi Mehta in the SSDP Gallery

Since I was little, I have been creating art with my grandfather, Jayant Shroff. Since retiring from being a chemical engineer, he rediscovered his love for painting whether it be on canvas, pottery, or plates. I started out by using his color pencils and scrap paper and eventually acrylics and canvas. My grandfather has continued to encourage me in my artistic endeavors. He is always happy to teach me new techniques and give me painting inspiration which helped me grow as an artist. It has also given us a connection where we can paint and spend time together. 

In my art, I strive to portray various landscapes with a full range of color. My work displays the authenticity of nature through light and shadows. Each painting expresses my view of the scenery through where I have been and what my impressions are of the place. Acrylic paint has always been my favorite medium because you can paint accurate, concrete lines, create any color, and blend with my desire.

Growing up in and around my mom's practice, this is a very unique opportunity for me to display my work. I am excited to show my work along with my grandfather's at South Shore Dermatology Physician's waiting room gallery. I hope you enjoy viewing my paintings and I look forward to creating more art for a long time to come.

Urvi Mehta, age 15
June 26, 2018

Urvi Mehta's painting