Spider Vein Treatment


Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical procedure that is considered the “gold standard” for the treatment of unwanted spider veins, small purple-to-red blood vessels on the thighs. Sclerotherapy uses tiny needles to inject a sclerosing agent into the veins, causing them to become irritated and collapse. With this treatment, the veins become less visible.

V-Beam Laser Treatment

The V-Beam Laser reduces facial redness and/or broken blood vessels commonly caused by rosacea and/or chronic sun damage. It also may be used for treatment of red acne scars and marks, removal of common benign overgrowths of blood vessels (angiomas), reduction of brown spots (lentigines), and removal of red discoloration on the sides of the neck from overexposure to the sun.  Treatment with the V-Beam Laser takes only minutes and side effects are few. Surrounding skin is undamaged while targeted lesions are often removed in just a few treatments. Treatment with the V-Beam Laser is provided by all of the SSDP dermatologists.

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