Shower yourself with cosmetic savings in April

Start the new season with big savings on treatments with Sculptra at SSDP.

Schedule your next Cosmetic Dermatology appointment between April 1 - 30*, and we'll take 25 percent off services with this popular, FDA-approved facial filler.

Use Sculptra to correct facial wrinkles and folds and restore a more youthful appearance. Use it to replace volume loss in the cheeks that occurs as the face ages and to help soften deep folds at the sides of the nose. Enjoy lasting results with Sculptra under the expert care of Leera M. Briceno, MD, SSDP's cosmetic dermatology specialist.

Book your next Sculptra treatment by phoning (508) 535-3376, Option 7, or emailing from the Contact Us page on the SSDP website.

*All Sculptra services must be performed between April 1 - 30 to qualify for the 25% discount. No exceptions. Offer good while supplies last. 
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