Jack Phaneuf in the SSDP Gallery


As a painter, color has always been my first love. Not digital, electronic color but pigment color: the 12 colors in the color wheel-mixing the stuff on a palette or directly on a canvas. So, when I came up with the hexagonaloctagon design, I immediately thought of the color wheel series: 12 octagon shaped canvases, one for each color in the color wheel.

My favorite part of this series is how the small open space in the middle of each hexagonal design is its opposite color. For example, inside the orange canvas you see the blue canvas's color and vice versa. When viewed all 12 together, they visually communicate with each other; yes! Opposites attract each other.

I also like the way the canvases can be hung: 8 corners, 8 sides, etc.. Think of the permutations! Amazing!! Finally, I made the stretchers, used cotton duck canvas, and Utrecht acrylic paint to create this series. Be enjoyed! Please leave a comment and take a card.

Jack Phaneuf

Longtime Plastic Surgeon Sets Down New Roots at SSDP

After years of performing plastic surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess – Milton, Carney Hospital in Dorchester, Quincy Medical Center, and South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, plastic surgeon Kenneth P. Gilbert, MD, has begun treating South Shore Dermatology Physician (SSDP) patients in the group’s Roche Bros. Way location.

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