Naresh & Archana Agarwal in the SSDP Gallery


Naresh Agarwal
Born and brought up in Gangtok, Sikkim in the Indian Himalayas, Naresh spent almost fourteen years in Singapore. He has lived in Greater Boston for more than ten years now.

Naresh began drawing and painting when he was 6 years old. His sister taught him how to draw the lotus flower until he perfected it. He then used to practise copying pictures of Hindu deities often with multiple arms and difficult to draw.

Naresh does not have formal training in Art. In high school in Gangtok, a new teacher to the school showed him that a painting need not be completed in a single sitting. As part of a painting group, he worked on oil paintings across months after school and on weekends.

Naresh primarily paints in watercolor and oil. He loves watercolor, though he has also tried acrylic, pencil, and other media. His various influences, approach and purpose in life have been about synthesis in trying to reconcile apparent contradictions and differences, instead of seeing the world in the form of stereotypes and labels. His subjects have included folk life and architecture in India, landscape in Massachusetts and Sikkim, flowers and portraits.

Naresh has won awards in painting competitions at school and in university. Naresh's paintings have been in the covers of multiple books and magazines, including on his own book "Exploring Context in Information Behavior" published in 2018 and recently, on a holiday card of the university where he teaches. He has held group and solo painting exhibitions in Sikkim, Singapore, and in Greater Boston. His most recent solo exhibition was at the Patriot's Place Art Gallery in Foxboro, MA in August 2019. In 2007, he traveled to Philippines, Manila with a television crew where his painting process was featured in the show, "Travelling Palette" and the painting auctioned for charity.

You can view some of his paintings at or etsy For questions, comments, or inquiries about buying paintings or commissioning artwork, he can be reached at [email protected] or 646 633 5707.


Archana Agarwal was born in the tea hills of Darjeeling in the Eastern Himalayas in India.

She is a self-taught artist. She likes to experiment with different media and techniques, and has often been described as a fearless painter. She paints in oil, acrylic and mixed-media. She loves painting with a palette knife.

Archana gets inspired by nature and loves to paint flowers. Her painting subjects also include landscapes and portraits.

In her free time after work, Archana can often be found painting in her basement studio. Her dream is to make her own art gallery and to give classes to others in palette knife painting.

Archana’s paintings have been exhibited around Greater Boston. She recently held a solo exhibition at the Patriot’s Place Art Gallery in Foxboro, MA in August 2019. Archana’s paintings are very popular in online groups, and she has sold and shipped a number of her artworks.

For questions, comments, or inquiries about buying paintings or commissioning artwork, she can be reached at [email protected] or 646 488 7659.

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