Ed Cunningham in the SSDP Gallery

I started drawing in elementary school. When I was young I found the vivid colors of my tropical fish fascinating. As I grew older the bright uniforms of sports teams added to my interest in color. Then I discovered the brilliant shades of various birds and flowers. The Disney cartoons filled my head with even more variations, and I noticed how the intensity of the colors livened up the action in Disney’s stories.

When I came back from Korea, in my early twenties, the G.I. Bill offered a free education. I grabbed at the chance to go to art school, and enrolled in Mass College of Art in Boston.The professors liked my work and encouraged me.I decided to become a high school art teacher and football coach.Interesting combination! In my mid-thirties, I became the Arts and Crafts director for a summer camp in Maine.

I retired from teaching at 65, but continued coaching for ten more years. Two years ago, at age 85, after fifty years of work at the summer camp, I finally retired completely. However, I’m presently exploring a position teaching art to mentally delayed people at a local school.

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