Benign growth removal

Cosmetic Cryotherapy

Small, rough bumps that slowly thicken and get a warty surface are known as seborrheic keratoses. These common skin growths are benign but unsightly. Serborrehic keratoses and brown spots from excessive sun exposure are easily removed with cosmetic cryotherapy. This in-office treatment uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the growth and cause it to fall off.

Cosmetic Electrocautery

Small keratoses (benign wart-like growths), Dermatosis Papulosa Nigra (DPN) (small, soft brown raised lesions that occur on the face and neck of people of African, Latin, Indian, or Asian descent), and sebaceous hyperplasia (enlargement of oil glands producing small, yellow bumps on the face) may be removed with electrocautery. A tiny electric needle gently burns away the targeted lesions while leaving normal skin unharmed.

Milia Extraction/Comedone Extraction

Milia (tiny cysts) and comedones (clogged pores) can be removed by the dermatologist or a specially trained dermatology nurse using a sterile pen-sized device that extracts the material trapped under the skin without scarring.

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